Thursday, August 28, 2008

His answer was "I do."

"His hello was the end of her endings, her laugh was their first step down the aisle. His hand would be hers to hold forever, his forever was as simple as her smile. He said she was what was missing, she said instantly she knew. She was a question to be answered, and his answer was I do."
--'Sex And The City'

I dreamed of a wedding. Elaborate elegance. A church filled with flowers and friends. I asked him what kind of wedding he wished for, and he replied, "one that would make you my wife."

Maybe we should all decide we're going to meet the man of our dreams when we're thirty-seven. Then we'll stop squeezing into tight shirts and walking around half-naked and analyzing every encounter as future husband material. We'll stop feeling the need to put on makeup to take out the trash just in case he's walking by. Maybe we should just assume that we'll meet our dream man at some future point, and stop driving ourselves crazy before then.

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