Friday, October 19, 2012

Enjoy it while it lasts.

“My advice is to go ahead and wear an apron when you’re cooking dinner. Always send a handwritten thank you note on your personal stationary. Enjoy tea served from an actual tea pot. Put your cigarettes in a case. Dream. Dress up when you go out. Be polite. Believe in art and its incredible power to reach across ethnic and social boundaries to enhance our souls. Ditch the handhelds when you’re out. Listen to Mozart. Watch “It Happened One Night”. Live elegantly. And enjoy it while it lasts.”

"You can't help it. Sometimes you just look at someone and realize that they are one of the best things that ever happened in your life."

“You are, at once, both the quiet and the confusion of my heart.”
--Franz Kafka

“Make sure you marry someone who laughs at the same things you do.”

“Find a woman who makes you feel more alive. She won’t make life perfect but she’ll make it infinitely more interesting. And then love her with all that’s in you.”
--Gayle G. Roper, 'Shadows on the Sand: A Seaside Mystery'

"The number one rule in relationships, from what I hear, is to never just leave."
--Frank Ocean

“In relationships, the little things are the big things.”
--Stephen Covey

“Fight for one another, not with one another.”
--Mark Driscoll

“Why should you worry about the future? You don’t even know the present properly. Take care of the present and the future will take care of itself.”
--Ramana Maharshi

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

“I never change, I simply become more myself.”
--Joyce Carol Oates

“That is why it is so important to let certain things go. To release them. To cut loose. People need to understand that no one is playing with marked cards; sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Don’t expect to get anything back, don’t expect recognition for your efforts, don’t expect your genius to be discovered or your love to be understood. Complete the circle. Not out of pride, inability or arrogance, but simply because whatever it is no longer fits in your life. Close the door, change the record, clean the house, get rid of the dust. Stop being who you were and become who you are.”
--Paulo Coehlo

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Talk about your joys.

“No matter how often I think I can’t stand it anymore, I always do. There is no alternative. I don’t fall, I don’t foam at the mouth, faint, collapse or die. It’s the same for all of us. You can’t get out of the inside of your own head. Something keeps you going. Something always does.”
--Janice Galloway, 'The Trick Is to Keep Breathing'

“Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit, talk about your joys.”
--Rita Schiano

“The bad news is you’re falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is there’s no ground.”
--Chogyam Trungpa

"And I say to my heart: rave on."
--Mary Oliver

“We don’t get a chance to do that many things, and every one should be really excellent. Because this is our life.”
--Steve Jobs

"Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well worn path."
--Steve Jobs

“To acquire knowledge should not be our first aim, but rather to rid ourselves of ignorance – which is false-knowledge.”
--Wei Wu Wei

“Let me be, was all I wanted. Be what I am, no matter how I am.”
--Henry Miller, 'Stand Still Like the Hummingbird'

“The thing I’m most afraid of is me. Of not knowing what I’m going to do. Of not knowing what I’m doing right now.”
--Haruki Murakami

“What horrifies me most is the idea of being useless: well-educated, brilliantly promising, and fading out into an indifferent middle age.”
--Sylvia Plath

“It’s a shame that the only thing a man can do for eight hours a day is work. He can’t eat for eight hours; he can’t drink for eight hours; he can’t make love for eight hours. The only thing a man can do for eight hours is work.”
--William Faulkner

"The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience."
--Harper Lee, 'To Kill A Mockingbird'

“It takes time to live. Like any work of art, life needs to be thought about.”
--Albert Camus

“Being must be felt. It can’t be thought.”
--Eckhart Tolle

“To hell with them. Nothing hurts if you don’t let it.”
--Ernest Hemingway

“We would be together and have our books and at night be warm in bed together with the windows open and the stars bright.”
--Ernest Hemingway

"Knowing people is overrated. Understanding people is underrated."

“People inspire you, or they drain you — pick them wisely.”
--Hans F. Hansen

“I don’t want people to matter to me too much. Sometimes it hurts too much to think about them. Ones you love who don’t love you, ones who are dead or hate you, ones who you think about but never get to be with. I like people but when I get too close, it fucks me up and I can’t get things done.”
--Henry Rollins

“Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being.”
--Albert Schweitzer

“There are only so many of us born at a time and we are thrown into the world to find each other, to find the other ones who don’t think you’re strange, who understand your jokes, your smile, the way you talk. There are only so many of us born at a time and we only have so long to find each other before we die. But we have to try.”
--I Wrote This For You

“A soul connection is a resonance between two people who respond to the essential beauty of each other’s individual natures, behind their facades, and who connect on this deeper level. This kind of mutual recognition provides the catalyst for a potent alchemy. It is a sacred alliance whose purpose is to help both partners discover and realize their deepest potentials. While a heart connection lets us appreciate those we love just as they are, a soul connection opens up a further dimension — seeing and loving them for who they could be, and for who we could become under their influence. This means recognizing that we both have an important part to play in helping each other become more fully who we are….A soul connection not only inspires us to expand, but also forces us to confront whatever stands in the way of that expansion.”
--John Welwood