Monday, August 11, 2008

I have so many stories.

"So there are cakes and pillows and colors galore, but underneath this more obvious patchwork quilt are places like a quiet room where you can go and hold someone's hand and not have to say anything. Give no story. Make no claim. Where you can live at the edge of your skin for as long as you wish." 
--Alice Sebold, 'The Lovely Bones'

"I feel all the same things when I do things alone as when ole golly was here. The bath feels hot, the bed feels soft, but I feel there's a funny little hole in me that wasn't there before, like a splinter in your finger, but this is somewhere above my stomach."
--Louise Fitzhugh, 'Harriet the Spy'

And finally I twist my heart round again, so that the bad is on the outside and the good is on the inside, and keep on trying to find a way of becoming what I would so like to be, and could be, if there weren't any other people living in the world. 

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.

One weird thing is, I wonder if everyone's hearts could start to beat at the same time. That would be so weird, except that the place in the hospital where babies are born would sound like a crystal chandelier in a houseboat, because the babies wouldn't have had time to match up their heartbeats yet.

"We have babies because we want them to love us, to make us important, but they only make us tired and fat and stinking of spit up because they're babies, not saviors. Their fathers leave us, sick of crap and sour milk, sweatpants and tears."
--Laura Wiess, 'Such A Pretty Girl'

I danced the night away until my feet were too sore to carry on. We blew kisses to our heels and hoped that they would heal and took off our fancy dress shoes and skipped around the glitter littered dance floor with white and blue balloons tied to our wrists. The Macarena! The Conga! Spontaneous dance movements!

We were meant to be beautiful.

I still wear my heart necklace and today the clasp held the charm's hand and someone told me when that occurs, someone is thinking of me. I hope they hold hands more often!

I don't know much about why we breathe, why we feel, and why our hearts beat. But I know we breathe to live, live to feel, and feel our hearts beating in unison.

I need a 'best' friend right now. I'll hold your hand when you're crying, if you let me sleep on your shoulder! I'll make you breakfast when it's your birthday, if you send me a card when I'm sad! I'll bake you cookies, if you come with me on my adventures! You can call me when you can't sleep, if I can call you when I have a nightmare! You can pick food off my plate, if I can pick flowers from your garden.

I have so many stories, but so little people to tell them to and I want to voice them before they escape my memory and the world and never ever come back.

"The cure for anything is salt water, sweat, tears, or the sea."
--Isak Dinesen

Yesterday night was so peaceful, lying there, under a thousand lights and floating on top of the grass. If you look hard enough, you could see the glowing stars where white paper cranes are flying, one star to the other, with stories and messages scrawled inside their tummies. If you listen hard enough, you could hear the thumping of your heart, of Mr. Big Friendly Giant coming to blow dreams through your little ears, of bunny Thumper's plum-sized hops around the flower beds. And if you dream hard enough, you could see seedlings sprouting before your eyes to kiss the sun, words streaming out of cherry lips, rainbows raining colors, hummingbirds pausing to drink the sweet air like nectar. Yesterday night was so peaceful...

Wrap your troubles in dreams, send them all away, put them in a bottle, and across the seas they'll stay.

"The matter with human beans is that they is absolutely refusing to believe in anything unless they is actually seeing it right in front of their own schnozzles."
--Roald Dahl

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