Thursday, August 28, 2008

Love is your first foot in the grave.

"He started calling me sweetheart. Whenever he calls me sweetheart, I get thrown off balance. It makes me think that when other people call me 'baby', they don't really mean it. I think that this is love."
--Mian Mian, 'Candy'

"They used to bury women in their wedding dresses, you know. I thought it was because all those husbands were too cheap to spring for another gown, but now it makes sense: love is your first foot in the grave."
--Peter Craig, 'Hot Plastic'

"Ninety-percent of a women's pheromones come out the top of her head. That's why women are shorter. So that men will fall in love when they hug them."
--Phoebe, 'Friends'

I am no one of great consequence, but I love you.

You fill out job application after job application. Sometimes they don't even bother to call you. Sometimes they'll interview you and then you don't hear from them again. You either go back, call, fill out another application, or try else where. But you keep going because you need the money. Why isn't it like that with relationships? Don't you need the love?

You know that feeling right before you sneeze? And you just want it to come out? You stop whatever it is you're doing until it does. Well, sometimes, I'm about to sneeze out "I love you."

He actually said something real. "Love is like a whore, it sucks." I couldn't believe it. But, I smiled sweetly and replied, "life is like the wind, it blows." And for the first time, we both understood each other.

I’d imagine sitting beside the man of my dreams and feeling all was right with the world. I knew now what I’d been missing all these years.

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