Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sweet Sweet Summer

As the breeze sweeps across the cold sand, the moon casts off a glitter where the waves meet the shore. The air smells of dried coconut oil, tan skin, and sweet sweet summer.

Summer is for breaking. Pack nothing. Leave without a note. Follow your internal compass. Wear what you slept in. Sleep in what you're wearing. Use SPF. Fisten to the ocean but don't take it's advice word for word. Insist on karaoke. Display skin. Attract a following. Steal a heart. Lose track of time. Live your life.

We sat on rooftops that summer night, listening to the wind. Something about it just made you wanna run. It made you wanna scream and laugh and cry and thank god that you were even alive. To me, that was life. To me, that was living.

There's something about waking up when the sun's halfway across the sky, only to fall asleep moments later to a soundtrack of splashing in the warm sun. There's something about washing away salt and sand to get ready for a night out. There's something about the lack of need for makeup, cause the sun's taken care of that. There's something about summer that beats through our veins and defines our lives.

"Tans fade, highlights go dark, and we all get sick of sand in our shoes. But the end of summer is the beginning of a new season, so we find ourselves looking to the future."
--'Gossip Girl'

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