Monday, September 01, 2008

That smile of his makes me weak.

All quotes from A Softer World

We heard that rice expands, exploding pigeons
so we mixed them some rice and glitter
and held hands in the park

I read bowling pins like tea leaves
every pin I knock down is a boy who'll break my heart
and I always bowl a perfect game

There's a whole world down in the ocean
filled with talking shrimp, and boys who call you back
but my breath won't hold long enough

I was going to figure out the postage
and send you my heart
for Christmas.
But my friends talked me out of it.
They said "Why would you send her something broken?"

Second best isn't so bad

He said "You make all my organs slosh around loose,"
and I blushed, flattered

Thinking about the infinity of space makes me insane
I never want my kids to feel this small
So yeah, I let them eat whatever

I've always known I'd be a bank robber.
So judge all you want, ladies and gentlemen,
because you never did become an astronaut

The future is so awesome.
Oh man! Remember the internet?

I like to get all tied up and rescue myself
then it's off to the park, and a scoop of ice cream
for my hero

Halfway down she remembered
that Golden Girls was out on DVD
which could have gone in the CONS column

He never meant for it to end.
He wanted to give her everything. So when she said "higher," he pushed her higher.
But she said "No. Higher."

On the paper she had written "you"
and she told me "that's a list of the people
who are standing too close."

The world isn't going to end just because we've done everything wrong.
Though, that would be easier.

I like falling off my skateboard the way I like loving you
broken hearts, like broken bones
hurt well

We write up a list of expenses and the computer tells us what we can live without.
Name brand cereal,
fresh vegetables,
new clothing for the children,
the children.

Gandhi said "be the change you wish to see in the world,"
fuck that
be the trouble you want to see in the world

She sits outside every morning and cries
and where each tear lands a flower grows

"I can make you happier than he did," he says.
He laughs
and flutters a bit.

My husband turns the hose on homeless kids out back
which is a bit cruel, maybe, but it makes him happy.
And that smile of his makes me weak.

I have no use for "before and after" pictures.
I can't remember starting, and
I'm never done.

As near as I can tell he wished for this moment to last forever.
So we sit and hold hands and I am always
just about to leave.

I'd like to read a story in the newspaper that ends with
"but she was just having a bad dream,"
"really she's okay."

Yes, I believe in love. Yes, I'm a dreamer.
But I'm not alone, there are more of us than you suspect
And we've got bombs, truth and beauty bombs.

I woke up this morning and I could fly.
Just spread my wings and go.

I think you are beautiful and I would like to kiss you.
I can think up some clever lines, if you'd prefer.
But I wanted to say that, first.

We need more good crazy,
It'd be nice to watch the news and think, "That's fucking insane,"
but feel a little jealous instead of just alone.

Satellite images, maps and blueprints of the whole world, of every city
We could go look it up and know what's there in someone else's words,
or we could get wicked drunk and just go.

I'm gonna close my eyes and spin
and the first person I see is my soulmate.

There are nights when I bump into strangers on empty streets
where I need you to take my hair in your fist
or a car to hit me. Anything.

I used to think that if I killed myself I'd make it awesome,
with balloons and cake and a hired clown, but really
it'd be awesome enough just stopping.

A friend will help you move
A best friend will help you move bodies
But if you have to move your best friends body, you're on your own

We are terrible for each other, and, yes, we are a disaster.
But tell me your heart doesn't race for a hurricane or a burning building.
I'd rather die terrified than live forever.

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