Sunday, November 16, 2008

All love is, is love.

In this life, there are two things that I would love to believe. One, that there is one soul mate meant for everyone. And two, that I may be good enough to deserve that person.

"I like to imagine the first time she leaned in to kiss that stranger, how she must have felt herself falling for him, or perhaps simply away from her lonliness, and it's like some tiny nothing that sets off a natural disaster halfway across the world, only this was the opposite of disaster, how by accident she saved me with that thoughtless act of grace, and she knew, and how that, too, is part of the history of love."
--Nicole Krauss, 'The History of Love'

It's the fear of falling in love and the tears after losing the feelings of what you thought love was.

But love is none of these things. It won't suddenly make every day okay. It won't change who you are. It won't make your car go faster. It doesn't even wash your dishes. All love is, is love. And that's all it needs to be, really.

On the scales of desire your absence weighs more than someone else's presence.

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