Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Love is pretty worthless.

Love. Words can express it well, feelings can express it better. Hard pounding motions express it best.

She was forced to consider the startling fact that the love of her life might not actually be someone with whom she could spend a lifetime.

"You're right. I shouldn't have bothered! It turns out love isn't enough after all. It doesn't make men out of animals, or turn cowards into heroes, or make spoilt little girls grow up! All things considered, love is pretty worthless. I don't see why anyone bothers with it."
--Courtney Crumrin

One morning you'll wake up and you'll think, 'how did I get here?' You'll inhale a long drag of smoke through your lungs, and before you can exhale, pictures from your life pop into your head. Behind each picture lies a story. The first picture you see will make you smile. The image will remind you of a time when you were happy. Actually happy. The kind of happy that makes you jumble your words, the kind of happy that makes your insides twist, the kind of happy that makes you use the word 'forever.' The next image that pops up shows you your lowest low. The kind of low that told you to hurt, the kind of low that makes you pull your hair and scream, the kind of low that never wants to know how long forever is. Then you'll look around you and you won’t know whether to laugh or to cry. And you'll think 'I’ve loved and I’ve hated.' And you'll realize that you wouldn’t have to hate if you never knew love.

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