Sunday, April 05, 2009

There are no mistakes, only lessons.

This is where I have always been coming to. Since my time began. And when I go away from here, this will be the midpoint, to which everything ran, before, and from which everything will run.

On rainy days I just want to sit home and wonder about what is going on. I want to wonder and let my mind wander. I want things to not make sense. I want to go back to my five year old self. I want a vanilla cupcake. I want to go to the front of my door and watch the rain fall down. I want to listen to soft, beautiful music. I want to make love. I want to make out for over two hours. I want tea. I want chardonnay. I want beautiful things. I want to write down how I feel and not be ashamed. I want peace and love and everything in between.

You want one thing that is simple and that exists just purely to please you.

It’s been one of those days. You know... those days where the only thought going through your head is, “I want to be on my bed, in the four o’clock sun with absolutely nothing to do but drift in and out of purple and gold dreams.” One of those days where your eyes burn and you can’t stop yawning and you need a couple gallons of scalding tea and an acoustic guitar. One of those days where you’d like to stop everything and learn how to knit, so you can knit yourself into socks and matching cloudy blue mittens and be cozy with someone. One of those days when you realize that waiting is making you exhausted and you only want to get to that place. You know that place... the one everyone says you’ll get to, that place where you’ll stop being tired and be overwhelmed with contentment and a tickling sense of belonging. Somewhere you can sit down, sprawl out on the grass, splayed like a star in the sun, and say, “Yes. This was worth the wait. This is where I need to be.”

"Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices, and everything is possible."
--Cherie Carter-Scott

"The world is smaller than you think, and the people on it are more beautiful than you think."
--Bertram van Munster

Sometimes, if you aren’t sure about something, you just have to jump off the bridge and grow your wings on the way down.

It’s a funny thing about coming home… Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. You’ll realize that what’s changed is you.

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.

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