Monday, June 29, 2009

Worth the read

I came outside after I woke up from my nap just to see how the weather was. And I'm so glad that I did because this is my favorite kind of moment. The sky has that old, worn-out look to it. It's been raining all day but the sun has been there behind it all just waiting to come out. And it's finally making its appearance for its biggest act: the setting.

It's casting the prettiest orange glow on the world, it's impossible not to feel good. I wonder why I love this time so much; this calm after the storm has past. The middle ground where the world still hasn’t recovered from the beating the rain gave it, but it isn’t quite ready to see its next phase yet. I think maybe I love it so much because I love that part of life too. Just after the pain there comes this wave of relief that, even though its still obvious you’ve been through hell, its also obvious that you’ll make it out to see another sunny day.

I'm obsessed with finding metaphors between nature and life and I find this one to be the most important one. I've been through enough storms to know how to appreciate a moment like this one. I can't get enough of how sad the sky looks but it's also telling me that even though it's gray today… there will come a time soon when it's blue again. And in learning how to deal, I've learned that yes, the skies are going to be gray sometimes, but they're also going to be bright blue with puffy clouds and a shining sun.

Life is an unpredictable mess, and weather is the same. There are some people who think they know everything about what life has to offer (weather forecasters? Don’t even get me started on what they think they know) but then all the sudden an unexpected draft brings a world of trouble. The only thing you can prepare yourself for is the fact that you'll never be prepared for what's to come in the future. But not to be scared because that’s the way its supposed to be.

Thinking you know what's going to happen is the perfect setup for disappointment when it doesn’t actually happen. The skies are different every single day and sometimes they will open up and rain on your parade and sometimes they’ll bless you with flawless shining rays.

But no matter what it decides to do, it's important to remember that it will always come back to this moment. The moment when looking up will reveal that gray overcast you hate, but if you look even further you’ll see the most beautiful shade of orange sitting over everything you know.

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