Tuesday, July 07, 2009

All lyrics by Sugarland

Knowing that we will always end up right where we start
'Cause I got time on my hands and hope in my heart

April showers bring May flowers
I have seen rain before
But if Sunday morning lets that sun in
What are we waiting for
'Cause love leaves an open door

Cowboys ride into sunsets
The good guy always gets the girl
Cinderella has just fit
A glass slipper that changed her world
We all know the stories
We all know the fairy tales
We all get the glory of making it for ourselves
From the beginning
We're all looking for a happy ending
Every dream of winning
Every love we've been in
Right from the beginning
We're looking for a happy ending

And all those dreamers who have come and gone
Who've reached for the stars, who've overcome
You're the hope, you're the wish, you're the truth
Baby, here's the proof
Baby's born in this ghetto
Baby's born with a silver spoon
One tells his Mama I have a dream
One tells his Mama I want the moon

And if I count all my blessings, I get a smile on my face
Still hard to find faith

I need a deep margarita to help me unwind
Leave my troubles behind

It's written on our palms and it's written on our hearts
It's written in our songs and it's written in the stars
Sometimes all we can do is stand up tall
They're standing in line just to watch us fall

Sometimes it feels like we won't make it through
But the hard times pass like the good ones do

Baby, climb up here, watch the city glow
Let's make a wish on the fireworks below
We're making moments we won't forget
We fill in ones that haven't happened yet

I'm slow to trust but I'm quick to love
I push too hard and I give too much
I ain't saying I'm perfect, but I promise I'm worth it

What if I said yes
What if I'd gone out that night
What if you'd turned left
Everything would've turned out alright
What if I'd spoke up
What'd if I'd took the keys
What if I had tried a little harder instead of always trying to please

It's hard to say goodbye
'Cause baby, it's a good life

It's takes a lot of tears to find love
The kind of love you can be proud of
That suits me just fine

That's life, if you open up your eyes
You'll find it gets better all the time

I never really noticed when he moved in next to me
Sometimes it's amazing just how blind a girl can be
If I weren't busy runnin'
I might have seen it comin'

Lips like gravity pull me under
Wreckless weather on his breath
Smells like rain, it hits like thunder
A storm is coming, I got nothing left

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