Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Love is a ghost train howling on the radio.

All quotes by Adam Duritz

"And so, she's suddenly beautiful. And we all want something beautiful. Man, I wish I was beautiful."

"I said I’m sorry by now, at least once to just about everyone."

"I took the cannonball down to the ocean
Watched the diesel disappear beneath the tumbling waves
Love is a ghost train howling on the radio
'Remember everything,' she said 'when only memory remains.'"

"I want to be a lion, everybody wants to pass as cats."

"And I dream of Michelangelo when I'm lying in my bed
I see God upon the ceiling
I see angels overhead
And he seems so close
As he reaches out his hand
We are never quite as close
As we are led to understand."

"I kept thinking how much my life in retrospect feels like the moments captured on all the Polaroids I kept looking at. It's just this series of flashes, isn't it? You wander around in the dark and then there's this flash and something gets caught in the light like a trap. Flash. A memory. Flash. A birthday. Flash. A series of chords on the piano. Flash. She laughs. Flash. A girl in a yellow hat. Flash. A sly smile at the door and a green dress. Flash. Something you should have kept."

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