Thursday, October 21, 2010

white noise

you are fucking up. there are rules to this. you do not get caught up. you do not knot things around yourself. this is what happens when you do. don’t ever fucking do this again. you have to keep yourself at a safe distance. because there are no priorities, there are only options. you do not open these kinds of doors because they will always close behind you. that means that both the danger and the excitement exist on the peripheral. that makes the doses small, but it also keeps the ball in your court. this is the only way the game can be played. you have to cut out all of the factors which could gather between you and what you want. this is the way these things work. and what you want can never, at any time, be more valuable to you than what you already have. it can only be some glimmering possibility on the side that you will either take without ever needing or easily shrug off without ever regretting. this is the way it works. these are the rules. and nobody else will ever understand them the same way as you. but this is the only way.

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