Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Little blades, she was helpless.

“Regardless of any decision made,
i find myself questioning them in hope 
i will see an alternate life.”
--Georgia Whots on Regret, excerpt from 'Last Letters to Ghosts', 1938

“You last only moments and experience too few things.”
--Rakishi, 'Trading Wealth with Wisdom', 1934

“I have always been a wretched speaker. My vocabulary dwells deep in my mind and needs paper to wriggle out into the physical zone. Spontaneous eloquence seems to me a miracle. I have rewritten — often several times — every word I have ever published. My pencils outlast their erasures.”
--Vladimir Nabokov

“Novels shouldn’t aspire to answer questions, and I wouldn’t presume to offer advice about love or marriage in any case. What’s fascinating to me about marriage as a subject for fiction—a subject that fiction has taken on with gusto since the 19th century—is how unknowable other people’s relationships are. Even the marriages of your parents, your siblings, your closest friends always remain something of a mystery. Only in fiction can you pretend to know people completely.”
--Nell Freudenberger as told to RL Magazine

“I want to be in a relationship where you telling me you love me is just a ceremonious validation of what you already show me.” 
--Steve Maraboli, 'Life, the Truth, and Being Free'

“As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.”
--Steve Maraboli

“…Imagining it was a mountain, a distant mountain, my goal. As long as I kept walking towards the mountain, I would be alright. And when I truly was not sure what to do I could stop and think about whether it was taking me towards or away from the mountain.”
Neil Gaiman commencement address

“I don’t suppose I really know you very well - but I know you smell like the delicious damp grass that grows near old walls and that your hands are beautiful opening out of your sleeves and that the back of your head is a mossy sheltered cave when there is trouble in the wind and that my cheek just fits the depression in your shoulder.”
--Zelda Fitzgerald

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast."
--John Gunther

"There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way."
--Christopher Morley

“I don’t think I was homesick. If we never arrived anywhere, it did not matter. Between that earth and that sky I felt erased, blotted out. I did not say my prayers that night: here, I felt, what would be would be.”
--Willa Cather's 'My Antonia'

The shoulder blades
sticking out as if they
wanted to grow wings through
that skin. Little blades,
she was helpless.
--Charles Bukowski

“I came to tell you that you’re beautiful, I think you’re lovely, I think that you’re made for more than you settled for.”
--Levi the Poet

"The personality of a house is indefinable, but there never lived a lady of great cultivation and charm whose home, whether a palace, a farm-cottage or a tiny apartment, did not reflect the charm of its owner."
--Emily Post

“One day, a long time from now, you’ll cease to care any more whom you please or what anybody has to say about you. That’s when you’ll finally produce the work you’re capable of.”
--J.D. Salinger

"The moment that you feel that, just possibly, you're walking down the street naked, exposing too much of your heart and your mind and what exists on the inside, showing too much of yourself. That's the moment you may be starting to get it right."
--Neil Gaiman

“Actually that’s my secret — I can’t even talk about you to anybody because I don’t want any more people to know how wonderful you are.”
--F. Scott Fitzgerald, 'Tender Is the Night'

“Cut out all these exclamation points. An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke.” 
--F. Scott Fitzgerald

“I am slow-thinking and full of interior rules that act as brakes on my desires.” 
--F. Scott Fitzgerald, 'The Great Gatsby'

“I like people and I like them to like me, but I wear my heart where God put it, on the inside. ” 
--F. Scott Fitzgerald

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