Thursday, August 07, 2008

I want all of you.

All quotes by artist Kurt Halsey

On the way to the airport. You rode shotgun. and I snapped pics from the back...and we sang to each and every song. And just like I had never left. And just like I wasn't leaving.

Come make a lifey with me.

I will try my heartest.

We waited so long, so let's just be for awhile.

If I saw you and I didn't know you, I would want to get to know you... (But I would be too shy.) And you would just pass on by. To have your pick of the prettier girls.

When we sparkle, I just glow.

I want all of you. Head to toe. Heart to soul.

And thank you for everything always. Everything always. Always and forever and forever and ever.

I will miss you much 'cause I love you lots.

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