Thursday, August 21, 2008

We're all a little weird.

All quotes from 'Boy Meets World'

"We're all a little weird, and when we find those people whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness & we call them our best friends."

Eric: I have a question that I'm going to need a yes or no answer to. How many people get into Yale each year?
Mr. Feeny: No.

"Ever since I was young I never understood anything about the world and anything that happened in my life. The only thing that ever made sense to me was you, and how I felt about you. That's all I've ever known, and that's enough. That's enough for me for the rest of my life."

Cory: It's an interesting feeling, you know?
Shawn: What, knowing it's over?
Cory: No, being the only guy in the world who knows it's not.

Cory: I just broke up with someone I spent my entire life with. I don't have a heart anymore. I've lost my life.

Topanga: Cory, I love you.
Cory: I was hoping you did.

Shawn: [yelling] If I was only gonna be alive for one minute, I’d spend it looking into your eyes.
Angela: And if you were only gonna be alive for one minute, I'd tell you to stop looking and to start kissing.

"Somehow time goes by and what you had just goes away."

Shawn: All my life, I have felt like there was some part of me missing and I felt that everyone could tell, like there was some hole in me and everyone could see through it... like I wasn’t finished or something.

Shawn: Okay, it’s been raining for seven days, how do you explain that?
Cory: Warm air meets low pressure system?
Shawn: Wrong! It’s raining because God is crying and He’s crying because He created you and Topanga to be the role model of the perfect couple for the entire universe!

Cory: Don’t risk anything you aren’t willing to lose.
Mr. Feeny: I didn’t teach you that.
Cory: It’s just something I picked up along the way.

Rachel: You take your middle name and the name of the street you live on. Then you have your spy name. My name is Kimberly Beaumont.
Eric: I'm Jonathan Cumberland.
Jack: Eric, your middle name is Randall.
Eric: Jonathan Cumberland.
Jack: Did you even listen to the rules?
Eric: ...Who is Jonathan Cumberland?
Jack: All right. Good job.
Shawn: I'm Patrick... Trailer Park.
Angela: Get this... my spy name is Sha-Nay-Nay Martin Luther King Boulevard.
Angela: I really gotta get some black friends.
Jack: What's your spy name, Topanga?
Topanga: I don't wanna play. My middle name is silly.
Jack: Your first name is Topanga. What could your middle name possibly be? Schmooboogie?

Cory: You are going to learn something from life every day. And make mistakes. And you'll make good friends and Mr. Feeny will probably teach you every grade you're ever in. And maybe someday you'll fall in love with a woman as wonderful as Topanga. How would you like that?
Joshua Matthews: Yeah.
Cory: And be lucky enough to make a good friend as Shawn. How'd you like that?
Joshua Matthews: Good.
Cory: And when you're not a little boy anymore, when the world has taught you how to be a man, then you'll still make mistakes. But your family, and all those good friends you've made along the way, will help you. And even though you'll think the world has gone out of its way to teach you all the tough lessons, you'll realize that it's the same world that's given you your family and those friends. You'll come to believe that no matter what happens, somehow the world will protect you, too. "Boy Meets World." Now I get it.

"You do your thing, I'll do mine. You go your way, I'll go mine. And if we end up together, it's beautiful."

Cory: Mom, Listen, I haven't been together with Topanga for twenty-two years, but we have been together for sixteen. That's a lot longer than most couples have been together. I mean, when we were born, you told me that we used to take walks in our strollers together in the park. When we were two, we were best friends, I mean, I, I knew everything about this girl. I knew her favorite color. I knew her favorite food. Then we became six, you know, and Eric made fun of me because it wasn't cool to have a best friend that was a girl or even know a girl, so for the next seven years I threw dirt at her. I like to call those "the lost years". Then when I was thirteen, Mom, she put me up against my locker and she kissed me. I mean, she gave me my first kiss. She taught me how to dance. She was always talking about these crazy things and I never understood a word she said. All I understood was that she was the girl I sat up every night thinking about, and when I'm with her I feel happy to be alive. Like I can do anything. Even talk to you like this. So that's, that's what I feel is love.

Eric: So I said to myself, "Kyle..." 
Alan: Kyle?
Eric: That's what I call myself.

Caterer: Quiche? 
Eric: Don't mind if I do. [kisses her] 

Shawn: Well, love is the most rare and precious thing in the whole world. 
Topanga: Have you ever fallen in love? 
Shawn: About five times a day. 

Cory: Sometimes I can't hold my breath long enough to get down to where Mr. Feeny likes to swim. 

Cory: Someday, Topanga's going to be a mother, and I'm going to be the father. Or, the uncle. Or, the way I'm going, the guy down the street with the binoculars.

"Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself."

Topanga: I will never forget you. You were more of a father to me than my own dad.
Shawn: You never gave up on me. Never once. I’m not gonna forget you. You’re the best person I know.
Eric: I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me. But I do know that I’m gonna be a good person who cares about people. I blame you for that.
Cory: Well, I got Topanga to go to New York.
Mr. Feeny: Good for you.
Cory: She’s not even scared anymore.
Mr. Feeny: Nor should she be.
Cory: I am.
Mr. Feeny: Well, you have a right to be.
Cory: You coming with us? You gonna follow us? You gonna sneak up on us in Central Park or something?
Mr. Feeny: No, Mr. Matthews. I shall remain here.
Cory: No. You’ll always be with us… as long as we live.
Mr. Feeny: I love you all. Class dismissed.

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