Wednesday, October 08, 2008

You never knew it before, but you know now.

All quotes from 'Leftovers' by Laura Wiess

"And while we're talking about being used and abused, you should know that there are some things you tell and some things you handle by yourself, the best you can. You can't always rat and still hope to be saved when somebody does you wrong. The backlash will dog you 'till you die. Or 'till you wish you were dead."

"Never let them know you're vulnerable, especially when you are. Never trust someone else to protect you, and never forget that every choice you make is on you. Ignorance of the outcome doesn't exempt you from the consequences."

"You start keeping your opinions to yourself because they might be dumb and you hate yourself for doing it, but it seems safter to blend in than stand out. And yet you want to be noticed, but only by being same-but-different, and nothing about that confuses you."

"Time is not your friend. It doesn't care if you live fast or die slow, if you are or if you aren't. It was here before you arrived and will go on after you leave. Time doesn't care who wins or who loses, if your life span is full or empty, honorable or shameful. Time is indifferent. It simply doesn't give a shit. You never knew it before, but you know now."

"You told us once not to be in such a hurry to grow up, but I don't see any way we could have avoided it. There was always someone out there ready to carve away another piece of our innocence. I don't know why. Maybe because theirs was already gone and they couldn't stand the sight of our ignorant happiness. That's what innocence is, you know, a blissful oblivion of what's coming, of what you'll lose and what you'll gain, and what kind of person you'll grow up to be."

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