Sunday, November 16, 2008

People would question if I was a vampire or just artsy.

All quotes from 'The Orphaned Anything's' by Stephen Christian

I think that it is amazing that the English language is one of the only languages that has a sole word for "love". I envisage it is a word that is overly battered in our society. How can you tell your dad/mom/relative that you love them, and then within the same hour say "I love your new clothing", or "don't you just love that album?" Are we not stating that this thought/feeling called love can be attributed to both someone we deeply care about and also a resplendent looking inanimate object.

I think people should wait until they have observed the 'behind the scenes', and made sure the other person has truly proven that they are not a mere actor. For if "all the world is a stage," then love & lust are the inspiration for each and every individual performance.

I contemplated on writing several books, maybe words on a piece of paper will encourage someone to remember my name.

I started out painting. I had huge dreams that I would move to some amazing loft apartment near Capital Hill. I would paint all day, magnificent works, blaring Radiohead, screwing all night. I would never talk and I would wear all black, and people would question if I was a vampire or just artsy.

Maybe I want to do this. It feels like this place is giving me a second chance, like New Years Eve, like a passing grade. Like grace.

Please remember that life is good. Regardless of circumstances, regardless of oppression or depression, regardless of what might happen tomorrow, or what happened last night, or what will happen tonight... life is good.

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