Sunday, October 18, 2009

There's a hell of a good universe next door: let's go.

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
--Christopher Robin to Pooh

It's so hard to forget pain, but it's even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace.

"Just when you think it can't get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can't get any better, it can."
--Nicholas Sparks, 'At First Sight'

Sacrifice. We all make them. You kept thinking about what you lost. You didn’t get it. Sacrifice is a part of life. It’s supposed to be. It’s not something to regret. It’s something to aspire to.

"We're all susceptible to it, the dread and anxiety of not knowing what's coming. It's pointless in the end, because all the worrying and the making of plans for things that could or could not happen, it only makes things worse. So walk your dog or take a nap. Just whatever you do, stop worrying. Because the only cure for paranoia is to be here, just as you are."
--'Grey's Anatomy'

Pain beats regret every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

"Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

You can't stop the future, you can't rewind the past. The only way to learn the secret is to press play.

"Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all."
--Emily Dickenson

"Listen; there's a hell of a good universe next door: let's go."
--E.E. Cummings

Travel, travel, travel. Do not settle into the life of the normal average citizen, be more. Realize that time helps, when nothing else can. And that there are two types of people in this world, those who are unhappy, and those who do whatever it takes to ensure their happiness, and you are one of those people.

“There is no such thing as was. To me, no man is himself, he is the sum of his past. There is no such thing really as was, because the past is. It is part of every man, every woman, and every moment.”
--William Faulkner

"Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can."
--Willis Whitney

"Charm. It's a sort of bloom on a woman. If you have it you don't need to have anything else; and if you don't have it, it doesn't much matter what else you have."
--James Matthew Barrie

"It is good that the young are beautiful; it is the only advantage they have."
--The Duchess of Windsor

We would often be sorry if our wishes were granted.

"There are two days in the week on which I never worry; One is yesterday and the other is tomorrow."
--Robert Burdette

Independence is the part that drew you in
You said I like the way you know a thing or two

You gotta have hope
You gotta have something
There's always a reason to break
'Cause nothing less
Will save the day

"Isn't it sad to be in a place where everything is so unbelievable you'd believe anything?"
--'Go Ask Alice'

"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?"
--'Alice in Wonderland'

"I do not know anyone who has got to the top without hard work. That is the recipe. It will not always get you to the top, but should get you pretty near.”
--Margaret Thatcher

She only drinks coffee at midnight
When the moment is not right
Her timing is quite unusual
You see her confidence is tragic
but her intuition: magic

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