Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bars Poetica

This is the story I've tried to tell. Guy
exists. Father mother sister brother.
Oh pretty stars, oh bastard moon
I see you watching me. The trembling
years leading to sex, the trembling sex.
Death as garnish. Death as male lead,
female lead, death as a cast
of thousands. God in, on, as, with,
to, around, because who knows
because. All the while feeling air's
a quilt of tongues, that spaces
between words are more articulate
than words. It's not like you'd hope,
that anyone can make sense.
Look around you, let your ears
breathe deep--almost no one does.
Have another drink. When they throw us out
there's a place down the street
that never closes, and when it does
we'll climb a fire escape and praise
the genealogy of light. The Big Bang
sounds like what it was, the fucking
that got everything under way.
That love was there from the start
is all I've been trying to say.
--Bob Hicok

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