Sunday, August 17, 2008

Her fairy tale had begun.

All quotes from 'The Bitch Posse' by Martha O'Connor

"Who cares about the future? It's just a dream, imaginary, something you make up in your head."

"He heaves a great, heavy sigh. 'I'm so sorry.' 'Sorry?' Sorry is when you bump into someone in line by mistake. Sorry is not when you fuck up someone's whole fucking life."

"I know just how he feels, aching to be loved & being disappointed. Every. Fucking. Time."

"He's uncomplicated and un-needy, and he looks good next to me, and I'm the kind of girl who needs someone next to her."

"Emotion pulls itself up from a place so deep inside her she didn't even know it existed."

"Don't ever feel like it's the end of the road. You're just turning a corner."

"Her romances are dandelion puffs; one moment of a thrill and they're gone."

"For the rest of the term they walked around holding hands, and by the end of summer she was wearing an engagement ring and her fairy tale had begun."

"You have to hurt if you want to feel anything at all."

"You know what's sick? They're blaming our problems on our friendship when that's the only good thing in any of our lives."

"We, The Bitch Posse girls, do solemnly swear to be undyingly faithful to eath other, and to put no friends or lovers before one another, as long as the stars are fixed in the heavens and the fish sparkle in the sea."

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