Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm sort of a plain Hershey person myself.

All quotes from 'The Year The Music Changed' by Diane Thomas

"You have to make a choice, but it’s the choosing that makes it interesting & fun. That’s how I see it, anyway."

"She looked beautiful, & mysterious like a famous actress I would never under normal circumstances get to meet."

"Here’s how I see it. You, me, everybody, we each got a voice inside our heads. Whatever your voice says you want to be, that’s what you got to plan for. You got to listen to that voice & trust it."

"I'm still not convinced the voices in our heads are anything more than us talking to ourselves."

"Right then I felt the best I ever felt my entire life. I knew in the marrow of my bones I was traveling the right path."

"How fast & exciting your life must be now. Sometimes I sit still & try to imagine it, but it all just whirls around me."

"I know now that sometimes one reason for doing something can outweigh ten, or even a thousand, reasons for doing something else."

"You want to hear something really nuts? I feel more comfortable on a stage than anywhere else on earth. I'm not shy there, or frightened. Not even with all those people staring. When you're on a stage you never have to worry about what to say or what to do next, like I did that Sunday at the drugstore. It's all there in the script. Too bad real life’s not like that."

"& I knew right then exactly what I am going to do with the whole rest of my life: everything that has anything at all to do with the stage."

"If they love each other so much, why do they both look so tormented? I thought when people loved each other, life go easy."

"Speaking of candy, I have a theory that you can tell a lot about people by the candy bars they choose. People who like Milky Ways tend to be cheerleaders & football players. People who like plain Hershey bars join the debate club or write for the school paper. There are others, too. I'm sort of a plain Hershey person myself."

"My heart’s so light I might shoot right to the ceiling like a helium balloon. Stay up there all my life, my head knocking & my feet dangling down."

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