Sunday, August 17, 2008

I have never danced on a bar.

All quotes from 'Something Borrowed' by Emily Giffin

"The feeling I have reminds me of New Year’s Eve, when the countdown is coming & I’m not quite sure whether to grab my camera or just live in the moment. Usually I grab the camera & later regret it when the picture doesn’t turn out. Then I feel enormously let down & think to myself that the night would have been more fun if it didn’t mean quite so much, if I weren’t forced to analyze where I’ve been & where I’m going."

"I have never danced on a bar. I wouldn’t know what to do up there besides fall."

"The only real guilt I can muster is guilt over not feeling guilty."

"Luck is buying a lottery ticket along with your Yoo-Hoo & striking it rich. Nothing about my life is lucky. It’s all about hard work, it is an uphill struggle."

"He looks good in a suit. Well, he looks good in anything, and nothing."

"He was my escape & sometimes that can feel an awful lot like love."

"I can’t even be satisfied in my dreams."

"And like a favorite old movie, sometimes the sameness in a friend is what you like the most about her."

"Songs and smells will bring you back to a moment in time more than anything else."

"It's amazing how much can be conjured with a few notes of a song or a solitary whiff of a room. A song you didn’t even pay attention to at the time, a place that you didn’t even know had a particular smell."

"It is both exciting & scary, like waiting for a wave to crash over your head."

"I rinse my hair & remember something else, a memory that has not surfaced before. It is like finding a photograph of yourself that you never knew was taken."

"The subject line reads 'you.'
You are an amazing person, and I don’t know where the feelings there you give me came from. What I do know is that I am completely and utterly into you and I want time to freeze so I can be with you all the time and not have to think of anything else at all. I like, literally, everything about you, including the way your face shows everything you’re thinking and especially the way it looks when we are together and your hair is back and your eyes are closed and your lips are open just a little bit. Okay. That’s all I wanted to say. Delete this.
I am breathless, dizzy. Nobody has ever written words like this to me. I read it again, absorbing every word. I like, literally, everything about you too, I think."

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