Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Your body is a work in progress.

"It is all about perception. The power of the mirror is only as strong as the person reflected in it."
--Grace Bowman, 'Thin'

I have no use for "before and after" pictures. I can't remember starting, and I'm never done.

Your body is always a work in progress, worry about keeping your heart open and your mind alert.

"I feel like I go from extreme vanity to total self-loathing. Like there's days where you just feel good and you feel confident and can shake your thing and do it. And then there's other times where you just feel totally self-conscious and insecure."
--Conor Oberst

"One thing I can guarantee: You'll get into trouble if you eat nothing but french fries."
--Richard Roberts, Ph.D.

Nobody wants to hear the truth... unless you tell them that they've lost weight.

And I learned to love my body even if I didn't have a flat stomach, the right pant size or great thighs; because if I didn't love what I carried, how did I expect somebody else to?

You will never be more beautiful, or thin, or happy than you are right now. Make the most of it.

Stop thinking of your body as a collection of flaws to apologize for.

If you are what you eat, in my case I'd be sweet.

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