Wednesday, February 24, 2010

“For me, it was a bottle of Strawberry Kiwi Arbor Mist because when you are twenty, this is the solution to every problem. I was freshly dumped and I drank the whole thing in my bathtub. Eventually the water grew cold and I got out, wrapping myself in loose bedsheets. I dripped into my living room and onto my couch. It had been two weeks and I still wasn’t sure how to be alone. I turned on the tv and went through every channel and eventually made my way through the movie channels to find Hannah and Her Sisters playing. It was just at the part of Mickey and Holly’s first date and I laughed as he asked her whether she had a kilo of coke in her purse. I pushed my wet hair behind my ears and watched as Mickey and Holly met again unexpectedly and things were easy. They just were, if you will. You’d never think that it would be that easy, especially for these two, but it is. That guy I was drinking mom wine over didn’t leave me because I worried too much, he left because things weren’t right. I got it then. Life was too short to be with someone who wasn’t quite right, someone who made you think more than they made you feel.”

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