Sunday, August 29, 2010

Come on, people, use your brains for once

All quotes from StoryPeople

Sometimes the only thing to do is to start looking at everything again until you forget what you're supposed to see & actually see what's there

Why do you tell the truth? my son asked & I thought about it for awhile & finally I said, Because human beings get mixed up easier than dogs & plants & fishes. What if you're someone who doesn't get mixed up? he said. Go ahead & lie, I said & then I hit him with a pillow just because I knew he was thinking about doing that anyway.

I need someone to invent a mirror that leaves out some of the details, she said.

My new rules for living simply (continued) 4. Get a uniform. I like t-shirts & pajama bottoms. This is my sleep uniform. This is how my life works. You may need a different uniform for the way your life works. When you find a piece of clothing you like, buy 6 more. This way you have one for every day of the week. Tell everyone you know that's what you did. Tell them it's your uniform. That way you don't have to change every day. Most people just assume you're putting on clean clothes. But, really, you only have to change if you get food on yourself, or if you start to stink

I'm thinking of going to school, he said to us, so I can meet some new people. You know me too well to appreciate how much I suffer any more.

Is convinced there's something we can learn from the animals, but so far all she can think of is that you should shut up when someone's got you on a leash.

She turned to me & whispered, don't you just love it when you get so excited you forget to breathe? & the thought of her smiling eyes still makes me laugh.

relaxing in short bursts in the sun because she forgot to sunscreen

everybody's dancing in place because they don't want to mess up the house since it just got cleaned

Things to know about the future. #1: It doesn't have to look any particular way, but around here, if it doesn't, a lot of people will never speak to you again

I read a story once about someone who went around trading people's troubles for any new ones they wanted & in the end, they decided to keep the ones they had already & all I could think was, Come on, people, use your brains for once

good at delegating anxiety so nobody sleeps all that well around here

I still remember the day the world took you back & there was never time to thank you for the thousand scattered moments you left behind to watch us while we slept.

It's not a personal world, he told me, no matter how much of it recognizes you on the street.

I predict the future a lot, she said to me, & I'm never surprised when I'm right, but that's because knowing it all has been one of my issues from the very beginning

this guy's head is on fire, but it wouldn't be so bad if he didn't keep fanning it when it starts to die out

It is still so new & all we see is the empty space, but that is not how it is in the landscape of the heart. There, there is no empty space & she still laughs & grapples with ideas & plans & nods wisely with each of us in turn. We are proud to have known her. We are proud to have called her friend.

You don't have to be a bundle of contradictions to be a woman, she said. But we all agreed it helps

It gets real cluttered in here when everybody talks at once, she said

I carry you with me into the world,
into the smell of rain
& the words that dance between people
& for me, it will always be this way,
walking in the light,
remembering being alive together

This is a machine that guarantees it can keep teenagers interested in the world around them & while a lot of people are showing up to check it out, you'll notice not a lot of them are teenagers.

I used to hate birthdays, she told me, until I figured out I was the Queen of the Universe & now I do them for the little people.

Once she told me she was an ocean person & when she combed her fingers through the seaweed she heard the songs of the mermaids & it was easy to believe all the old stories.

I try not to get too close, he said. From a distance almost everything looks real.

this is a picture of the future & you'll notice that there's a lot of blank space because people haven't made up their minds about it & the future doesn't have a lot of time for that kind of indecisiveness

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